Carlos matos bitconnect youtube


Feb 14, 2018 - Who is the real Carlos Matos? We start off by answering that question but get distracted by the best Bitconnect Carlos Matos meme Compilation with me adding

Credit: PeasantForHire Jubilee Ace came… 16/3/2018 BitConnect (BCC) was an open-source digital currency, described by many as simply a Ponzi scheme. The scam became an Internet hit, following the ridiculous motivational pitch by Carlos Matos but was once among the 20 largest virtual currencies until its price plummeted at the turn of the year. Ever wonder where Carlos Matos, the infamous Bitconnect speaker and shill from the Bronx is now? I bet you’ll never guess what he’s new venture is lol. YouTube, etc. It was President Will Collins' excellent leadership that the company, which started in 2006 at $ 120,000, is currently managing $ … Carlos Matos, cựu phát ngôn viên của BitConnect khét tiếng đã nổi lên trên Internet.

Carlos matos bitconnect youtube

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27 Oct 2018 Living Bitconnect Meme Carlos Matos Seemingly Attacks Bitcoin, Calls It ”A Scam ” and Says to ”Sell Everything”. Rasmus Pihl Scams October  Find and save Bitconnect Carlos Memes | from Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter & More. Crypto Meme History: Carlos Matos. Save.

BitConnect was launched in February 2016 and it managed to become one of the most successful cryptocurrencies until the beginning of 2018. The company became infamous when a YouTube video of their Thailand conference appeared displaying some pretty strange behaviors from their guest speaker, Carlos Matos.

Va ser vist per última vegada fa uns dies fent una transmissió en directe de YouTube sobre els seus intents d’aconseguir “salut i riquesa” mitjançant un procés de dejuni intermitent de l’aigua. Carlos Matos. Poor Carlos Matos (aka “Bitconnect Carlos”).

Carlos matos bitconnect youtube

악명 높은 전 BitConnect 대변인 Carlos Matos가 인터넷에 다시 등장했습니다. 그는 단 며칠 전에 간헐적 인 금식 과정을 통해 “건강과 부”를 얻으려는 시도에 대한 YouTube 실시간 스트림을 마지막으로 목격했습니다..

Gerelateerde  El controversial promotor del esquema ponzi con Bitconnect, Carlos Matos, OOF TOWN ROAD (Old Town Road Roblox OOF REMIX) - YouTube Hacer,  10 Aug 2018 BitConnect is getting delisted from the last cryptocurrency exchange that still glorious thing that came out of your bullshit, it was Carlos Matos: the He's okay, by the way, he's been doing a water fasting 22 Feb 2018 PewDiePie se burla de Bitconnect en su canal de YouTube a las redes sociales por Carlos Matos —uno de los promotores de Bitconnect—,  2 Feb 2018 BITCONNECT. Created by ViralBoy from YouTube · Oct 18, 2018. 243. 62. 0 Carlos Matos - BITCONNECT!

Carlos matos bitconnect youtube

Jun 18, 2018 · Infamous former BitConnect spokesperson Carlos Matos has resurfaced on the Internet. He was last seen just a few days ago doing a YouTube live stream about his attempts to gain “health and wealth” through a process of intermittent water fasting. The Original BitConnect Scandal Jan 25, 2021 · You might recognise Carlos Matos from the famous meme in which he screams “Bitconneeeeecct” with plenty of gusto. Matos was an “investor” in the now-defunct Bitconnect Coin. Bitconnect was a cryptocurrency scam that went from obscure in 2016 at about US$ 0.17 to a high of $436 in 2017. It screamed of potential, becoming a […] due to the highly requested amount of comments, here is the FULL remix. enjoy.NOW ON SOUNDCLOUD: CRYPTO TO By Carlos Matos, who promoted Bitconnect throughout its existence, posted a bizarre video to YouTube today in which he claims that he lost most of the money invested in BitConnect and that Lauren Southern, a far-right activist who may have inspired the Christchurch shooting, has a new documentary out addressing last year's Black Lives Matter protests.

The video can be found here. 악명 높은 전 BitConnect 대변인 Carlos Matos가 인터넷에 다시 등장했습니다. 그는 단 며칠 전에 간헐적 인 금식 과정을 통해 “건강과 부”를 얻으려는 시도에 대한 YouTube 실시간 스트림을 마지막으로 목격했습니다.. Video about the King of Thailand - He's worth $80 billion, lives in a hotel in Germany with a harem of 20 beautiful women/body guards, and made his dog a high-ranking member of the military during a birthday orgy [14:41] Carlos Matos อดีตโฆษกของ BitConnect ที่น่าอับอายปรากฏตัวอีกครั้งบน the drop is hugeTwitter: page: plug merch link in bio: https://www.nicepostu I share the honest truth about Bitconnet, and other scams I have being with and how I have take a decision to be successful online and offline no matter what 🤟 BITCONNECT MEME (Trap Remix)👍 SUBSCRIBE:👕 TMN MERCH: SPOTIFY:🎵 Dylan Lo Carlos Matos - BITCONNECT REMIXMusic and Remix made by Just Here For The Comments. If you enjoyed this video, like it, share it & subscribe here for more: ht Hey hey heeyyyyyyyyyyy.

This story has been updated to reflect that fact Feb 02, 2018 · Back in October of last year, Carlos Matos was one of dozens of investors in the cryptocurrency Bitconnect invited on stage at the company’s First Annual Ceremony in Thailand. There he delivered See full list on Bitconnect. According to his YouTube feed, he is now an avid fan of water fasting, for reasons of which we probably shouldn’t speculate publicly. If you really were to feel sorry for Carlos, don’t; after all, has anybody ever remixed a speech that you gave into an EDM video with over 1 million views on YouTube? Probably not.

He was one of the dozens of investors in the company and had given an over the top performance which had become an internet meme and featured on channels like H3h3Productions. Mar 08, 2021 · While the Bitconnect scam lost investors a lot of money, for many observers it will always be remembered for its first and only annual ceremony that took place in Pattaya, Thailand. Bitconnect became synonymous with Carlos Matos and this famous YouTube video. We really encourage you to watch it to get a sense of the insanity. Carlos Matos is a self described investor and entrepreneur from New York. He gained notoriety for his overly enthusiastic presentation of Bitconnect on the annual ceremony which happened on October, 2017 in Thailand.

Matos became the de facto face of the supposed ”high-yield investment program” Bitconnect when his spectacular appearance at a Thai Bitconnect gala went viral in 2017. Matos’ unforgettable presentation has subsequently been thoroughly ingrained in … Continue reading Living Bitconnect Meme In October 2017 BitConnect's Carlos Matos, a BCC investor, made a speech that went viral on YouTube shortly after he gave the testimonial for the coin and the company at the BitConnect First Annual Ceremony in Thailand. The video can be found here. 악명 높은 전 BitConnect 대변인 Carlos Matos가 인터넷에 다시 등장했습니다. 그는 단 며칠 전에 간헐적 인 금식 과정을 통해 “건강과 부”를 얻으려는 시도에 대한 YouTube 실시간 스트림을 마지막으로 목격했습니다..

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12 Mar 2018 Screengrab: YouTube impression of Carlos Matos, an investor in BitConnect (a suspected scam that unceremoniously shuttered in January) 

Carlos matos soundbox. A lot of sound for you : - Bitconnect ! - I'm gonna get my bitcoins ! - My wife still doesn't believe in me !